is that all agents, brokers, producers (pick your euphemism) get paid the same amount for servicing an insurance policy.

True story.

Sure there are exceptions, like group plans with 100+ covered employees, but by-and-large, the dirt-bag agent you currently use gets paid the same as a “boutique” brokerage (like The Davis Group). Even Fred Ball featured our business model on his radio segment “Speaking on Business” (see our Accolades page for more info).

I often use the analogy that shopping for medical benefits is like shopping for cars with one major difference:

Imagine that you are in the market to buy a new car and you have unlimited choice as to year, make, model, new, used, etc. The only detail you have to keep in mind is that all cars available to you cost the same amount of money. Would you choose a Honda, knowing it’ll hold it’s value?

Probably not.

Or, would you pick something that’s fast, fun, and engaging that will give you all the attention you need? I can’t speak for everyone, but I’d choose the latter.

Agents are no different. Sure you can call your local State Farm agent and they might know someone in the Benefits industry, or you might call an insurance company (like SelectHealth) directly. Guess what? Your premium will cost the same if you spend hours researching the 103 available plans on Healthcare.gov or if you call us.

Do you know what a Cost Sharing Reduction is? Do you know how subsidies work? Do you know if Marketplace plans are the same as those offered directly from the insurance company?

We’re a casual group of people. We’re not going to hard-sell anyone because we’re not really salesmen. We’re consultants–and good ones at that.

So why buy a Honda when you can have a Porsche for the same cost?

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